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Food & Beverage

Cargill helps food and beverage manufacturers drive growth through new product innovation, increasing supply chain efficiency, optimizing product formulation and managing commodity price risk.

In Japan, we offer our customers a broad portfolio of food and beverage ingredients including: 

Health Promoting Ingredients

There is a growing demand for healthier, great tasting consumer packaged goods.


Hydrocolloids are polysaccharides of high molecular weight extracted from plants and seaweeds or produced by microbial synthesis.


Cargill started to work with lecithin more than 70 years ago.

Starches & Derivatives

Cargill’s starches have been developed to fulfill the versatile needs of modern food processes and cuisines.


Sweetness is universally associated with pleasure and enjoyment. Tasting sweetness is a sure-fire trigger for feelings of pleasure and contentment.

Wheat Gluten

A protein derived from wheat flour, Cargill’s Gluvital™ vital wheat gluten provides consistency in flour, improved dough machinability and extended shelf life for finished products.