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Meat & Poultry

We supply Japan with a variety of animal protein products that meet the high quality requirements of local customers and consumers.

Cargill processes and distributes fresh beef and turkey, plus cooked and marinated meats that are sold in wholesale, retail and foodservice channels.


We provide to our customers a range of premium beef products imported from North America and Australia. The beef delivers a satisfying eating experience to consumers with its superior tenderness, mouth-watering juiciness and rich flavor.

North American Beef

North America is a source for beef produced from grain feed cattle. We import boxed fresh beef comprising large, wholesale cuts that are vacuum-packed and then packaged for chilled and frozen shipment.

Australian Beef

From Australia we import beef produced from grass and grain fed cattle. Our premium quality meat delivers to consumers a consistently satisfying eating experience. These fresh, chilled and frozen beef product are provided in a variety of packages designed to meet customer specifications.

Cooked Chicken

We import a range of cooked chicken products into Japan from our large, fully integrated poultry processing businesses located in Thailand. The customers we serve in Japan are large food manufacturers, distributors as well as food service businesses and convenience stores. All products are of consistently high quality, offer a great taste experience and are prepared to meet specific customer requirements.